Saturday, May 02, 2009

Huge Apologies

First of all, I gotta send out huge apologies to anyone who has been coming back to this blog for any updates. No excuses, I've been slacking on getting anything posted. I'm back, though. And, I hope you enjoy!

Earlier this year, I was asked by my employer to do the invitations for this year's "holiday party". The information I was given was it was going to be at a Beach Club & there was going to be a "casino". First, I looked for "beach-y" themed cards at their request, but those are almost always too "summer-y". So, another suggestion from the Social Committee was to make the invitations more classy. This is the almost final product (click the picture for a bigger image):

The final product had the following changes (sorry, no photos of the final invite):
  • Name changed from Autumn Extraordinaire to Autumn Royale
  • The font on the bottom (date/time/place, etc) matched the font on top
  • The RSVP card had the red stamped image in the lower left corner instead
Unfortunately, the event has been canceled for this year (everyone is tightening their spending habits & this was one area my employer has cut back, but I'm SO incredibly thankful that I am still employed).

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